Typical Mexican Saturday


Ok day 2 and I think I can do this.

Things that I need to work on:

1) Taking better food pics
2) Background and blog title (not very creative)

Just had to drop my computer off at Best Buy since it is broken already and I’ve only had it a year. They said between 2 to 4 weeks, I’m hoping it’s more like 2.

Breakfast was delicious, especially since I didn’t make it

2 eggs omelet with cheese, spinach, turkey sausage and cheese

All that piled onto on a Arnold’s sandwich thin. Probably more calories then I needed but didn’t realize it until I added it all up. 

And of course there was a big mug of coffee to go along with it. I’m a little obsessed with coffee.

After breakfast the dog was walked and we ran a few errands. We went to Wegmans, which is probably one of the nicest grocery stores around upstate NY.

We escaped without too much junk food but I did snag a bag of pretzels. Whole wheat and oat pretzels from Snyder’s. Great pretzels for dipping!!


Salad with a black bean burger. Added some avocado this time. There was a debate about whether or not avocado’s are a fruit or veggies. I said fruit because it has a pit…who knows.

A serving of pretzels dipped in a lot of hummus.

Tyring to not eat anymore today since we are going out to dinner tonight.

We did Plyo from the P90x series. It was hard because I wa so so sore from yesterday’s work out. Check out Nero breaking a sweat.


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