Social Media is Addicting

>Ok so I think I’m getting better at the blog thing.

Here is what I ate today minus the things I forgot to takes pics of. Do people really drag their camera everywhere?

1/4 cup of steel cut oats
2 Tbl of ground flax
1 tsp of Trader Joe Pumpkin Butter
Couple of dried cherries


It was slim pickens in my fridge today. I’m resisting the grocery store…I hate it sometimes

Solid white tuna
1Tbl of light mayo
lots of salt and pepper

Then I chopped up a pepper and carrots to scoop up the tuna

Dinner was from Panera. It was a complete last minute decision. I remembered that my mother gave me a Panera gift card for Christmas

I got the Thai Chicken Salad. It was ok but I did enjoy the edamame.

I also got a small cup of Veggie Pesto soup. It was steaming hot!!
I’m still hungry, so I think a last night snack will be necessary


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