Where’s the food?

>I went skiing at Jimney Peak last night. It was the last night of ski club and we made it through the season with no injuries!! The conditions were fast and we had a great time. There was no time to post last night. Plus I didn’t bring my camera with me. Too bad those would have been great pics.

Not much food to choose from…..so


1/4 cup Steel cut oats
2 TB Flax
Splash of milk
Pinch of dried cherries
Dollop of Trader Joe Pumpkin Butter – jars almost gone!!

Lunch – not much better but I did get a veggie in there

Two eggs on whole wheat toast with a slice of low fat cheese. It was delicious!! I was hungry all morning so I ate it around 10:00 and it held me over for quite a while. A bunch of carrots for later in the afternoon.

I also ate 4 Girl Scout cookies. Thin Mints to be exact. And now I have 2 entire boxes of cookies in my freezer. If I don’t open them, I won’t eat them. But once they’re open, it’s game on.

Dinner – again pretty lame but I was starving and needed to eat immediately

More of the same egg sandwich. This time I added some salsa!!

But I did go to the grocery store today. I can’t believe I forgot to buy coffee!! Gotta go back tomorrow 😦

This is a before pic of my fridge

And after!!

Real meals tomorrow  for sure.


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