Half Marathon

>On April 23rd I will be running the Lake George Half Marathon. 13 miles in the village of Lake George in NY. I ran a full marathon in October of 2005, Washington DC’s Marine Corp Marathon, but I haven’t run much more than 6 miles since that time.

I haven’t thought much about it but as it gets closer I’m getting excited. I try to run about 4 times a week with 1 long run on the weekends. Yesterday I ran 8 miles in 1 hour and 30 minutes. The roads were icy and it was freezing!! But we ran the whole time. I’m figuring that it should take me about 2 hours and 30 minutes to run the whole 13. My goal is actually to not walk at all. If that happens, I don’t care about my time.

I have a running partner which is great. When I trained for the Marine Corp Marathon I trained by myself and it got pretty boring.

This weekend we are suppose to do 8.5 miles. Hope full this weather will be getting better.

The day of the race should be beautiful weather. Lake George is a great place to run a race!!

Today’s meals in the correct order. It doesn’t include the Thin Mint, miniature Nestle crunch or snack bag or Cheez-its that I ate today. Damn Girl Scouts!
Oats with peanut butter and chia seeds

More Chia seeds but this time over plain yogurt and honey
Tuna on top of a Salad with an orange

My post workout snack included a few of these dates as I was driving home

Dinner was lasagna (from a box) and a side of broccoli.
Take a look at my buddy. He is no help with the blog. Really he just gets in the way!

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