On Top Of The World

>Had a great weekend but boy am I exhausted!

We spent the weekend up in Lake Placid, NY, where they had the Olympics! It is a beautiful town and we are already talking about going back this summer.

On Saturday we went to Whiteface for some downhill skiing. I hadn’t been to Whiteface since I was a kid and I hardly remembered it.

I was really excited for some challenging skiing. It is a great mountain! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see all of it because the high winds caused two of the chair lifts to have to be closed down. I never got to ride in the gondola!. We made the best of it and skied the rest of the mountain. I fell a couple of times, which is good because that means I was being challenged.

The toughest run was a black diamond covered in moguls. I have a nice bruise on my knee to prove that I made it to the bottom. Skiing to the bottom, not rolling, if you were wondering. Now I know why I saw 3 people carrying their skis down that run.

I was starving for lunch after a few runs, so we headed inside. We ate in the lodge at the Whiteface Burrito Bar. I had the Taco Salad with Chicken. There is lettuce under there somewhere. I could have used more veggies and less cheese. Oh well.

After we finished skiing we went back to the Whiteface Lodge, where we stayed the night. This place was awesome! It was set up like a huge log cabin. Lots of animal heads on the walls. The room we stayed in was beautiful and I was very impressed by the amenities….granola!! Check out the pictures of the room.

The best part was the shower. I could have stayed there all night long. Didn’t get a picture though. I think someone was in there when I was taking pics and that would have been a little awkward.

For dinner went to the restaurant that was in the hotel. It was literally right down the hall from our room. It was called KANU.

I had a Baby Field Greens Salad, with chicken. It was dressed in a light vinaigrette dressing with goat cheese and butternut squash. It was good. Wish there was more butternut squash though.

There was much of this drunken again. Along with some great wine!!! Oh this is probably why I’m so exhausted….not because of the skiing!!

Overall, it was a great weekend with great friend!! Can’t wait to do it again. Weather is really bad right now and they are calling for a wintery mix tonight!! No school tomorrow?? Maybe!!


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