Irish Brownies

Last weekend I baked up a batch of some Irish Cream Brownies. They came out awesome…way better than I had expected. Everyone said that they could really taste the Irish Cream in them. I got the recipe from an old Cooking Light magazine that I still keep around. I love to look at food magazines!! Is it weird that I could look at food pictures and read recipes all day long?

Start with some semi-sweet chocolate and butter melted in the microwave.
Mix your dry ingredients, flour, coco powder, salt and baking powder
Of course there is the Baileys
This is the butter, chocolate and sugar mixed together. This is the part when the weird energy guy rung my door bell and interrupted my whole blogging, taking pictures thing. So now we skip to the last part

All done. Cooked until a little gooey inside.
Cut up and sprinkled with a little powdered sugar
They  were delicious! Definitely making these again

Running today was hard!! I’m still sore from my long run on Tuesday. I made it to 4 miles but I was staring at the treadmill monitor the entire time.

Breakfast was another pumpkin oatmeal bake topped with 1/2 a banana. I was going to take a better pic today but I think I added too much pumpkin and it didn’t “bake” up like I wanted. Still tasted good though!

Lunch was another Cobb Salad and some yogurt with peanut flour. I was actually very hungry all day. I think I should have added another piece of fruit to lunch. Trying to not overeat is hard because sometimes I end up not eating enough and that’s not good either.

Dinner was more Minestrone soup. It was very good! I also had some dates, a Luna bar and a serving of pretzels. We will see how that holds me over.


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