Running of the Green "Island"


On Saturday I ran the Running of the Green “Island” 4 miler.

I needed to fuel up before the race so breakfast was a big bowl of oats.

It was a St. Patty’s day theme run. Or at least we decided it should be. Check out my hat!! The only disappointing thing was that I signed up late and they only gave shirts to the first 500 runners. Boo!

We all got hats at the Christmas Tree Shop

 The run was nice and flat. Perfect for a strong run. Green Island is not the nicest place to run…not much to look at. Great friends made the time fly by fast. I was suppose to have a long training run….9 miles…the next day so I didn’t want to run that hard. When I reached the 3 mile marker and realized that I could come in under 40 minutes if I picked up my speed, I went for it. I felt bad leaving my friends but they were right behind me.

Here we are coming to the finish

My official Time: 38:43 – about a 9:40 mile pace.

It was a great race. Definitely will sign up next year.

The dog did not run.

I even got a t-shirt at the end of the race. There were people that signed up but didn’t show up so they had extra shirts. Score 1 for me!! Gotta have a shirt to remember the day!


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