The Mission

 Last Night we headed to downtown Syracuse for dinner with friends. We decided on a place called The Mission, after finding it on The menu is considered Pan-American cuisine. Turns out my friend Mary had been here for lunch before and had great things to say about the place.

The Mission Restaurant is in a converted Methodist Church. It was also a central way station on the Underground Railroad. Pretty cool, huh.

The place was packed!! It’s not very big but it does have a decent sized bar, so we put our name in for an 1 hour and 20 minute wait.

I was drinking Swallow Wit which is brewed by Middle Ages Brewery. Middle Ages just happens to be a local brewery, in Syracuse!!

The wait wasn’t too bad and we got an order of chips at the bar to hold us over.

Dinner was a Vegetable Burrito. The menu said it was filled with corn, onion, red peppers, zucchini, black beans, spinach and cheese. I asked for refried beans but got black beans instead. The burrito was good but i wish there were more veggies in there. Mostly corn and beans. Honestly I was looking for the spinach and never found any. I did appreciate the amount of cheese. Just enough to compliment the other flavors. Sometimes, places will load a burrito with cheese and it’s the only thing you can taste. It was topped with a pico de gallo, which was perfect. A side of Spanish rice and cabbage salad went well.

I ate a little more than half of the plate. I should have stopped eating earlier because I was slightly overstuffed. Lesson learned. I did get to take the rest home and it’s sitting in the fridge right now. I love leftovers…how can you not??

Overall, it was a great place. I love the decor and location. I’m lad we tried a new place to eat last night. The BF and I are getting more familiar with Syracuse. I actually lived in Syracuse for 5 years but I really remember very little, just the basics of getting around.

This mornings Breakfast was oats, oats bran, peanut butter and a handful of Quaker Oats Squares!!


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