Here we go again

>So last night I noticed that my arch on my right foot was kind of bothering me. It just seemed a little sore and I figured it was because I’ve been wearing new sneakers and they need to be broken in more. Well by last last night my foot was more than sore. It actually felt like a burning sensation. Weird huh? I got up this morning and hobbled around a little getting ready. I googled my ailment and I think it sounds like a strained arch or plantar faciitis. Which is a very common running injury but it’s a first for me. Although I don’t have heel pain, so it may just be a strain. Either way it hurts.

Common causes are over use and the wrong footwear. I have definitely been running lately, since I’m training for the Lake George Half Marathon on April 23rd.

I did just buy new sneakers and I noticed a huge difference in my sore knees. Could the new sneakers be a wrong match for me?? I’ll have to look into this.

At the gym today, I wore my older sneakers and only used the elliptical machine. My foot was sore when I got home and I immediately iced it. It actually doesn’t feel so bad right now.

I guess my 9 mile run for tomorrow will have to be postponed. Last time I ran on an injury I was sidelined for 10 months. I can’t have that happen again.


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