The Running Breakup

So I’m sad to say that running and I have broken up. Or at least we will be taking some time apart.


We are “on a break” as Ross and Rachel would say. (Yes I made a Friends reference) I’ve shed the tears, asked “why me” and stayed in bed with a box of cereal.  I’m done and over it.

My foot is no better a week later. I definitely have a strain in my arch. I haven’t been to see a Dr. so I don’t want to say that it’s plantar fasciitis. I have been resting, icing and stretching. It’s better but not enough to run on it. I have now missed 2 long runs in my half marathon training plan. I feel like there is not enough time between now and April 23rd to rebound from this. I could be wrong, I hope I’m wrong.

On a brighter note, I did buy some inserts for my sneakers. Okay maybe I’m not over it yet. I went to Fleet Feet in Colonie and had an employee go over the inserts and tried them all out. I bought a pair that is considered “aggressive”. Whatever that means. I hope they work. I have to wear them an hour a day for a week or so and let my feet adjust.  Fleet Feet is a great resource for runners. They are incredibly informative and helpful when come to running shoes and other running products. 

On another brighter note, now that I’m not running, I’m becoming a pro at the elliptical. I have always hated the elliptical because I felt it wasn’t that good of a workout. I would watch people sweating on that thing and wonder how is that happening!! I figured it out. You have to use a good amount of resistance and keep it moving. I was actually a little sore this morning. From the elliptical? Who knew!


One response to “The Running Breakup

  1. Charles Woodruff

    Thank you so much for the kind words. Best of success manageing your injury, please stay in touch.
    Charles Woodruff
    Fleet Feet Sports

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