Out of Oats

I’ve been out of oats for a few days now. I normally eat a bowl of oats every Monday through Friday, During the week, I need a quick breakfast that doesn’t take too much time to prepare. Oats are perfect for it!

I cook it in the microwave with milk and then add whatever toppings are calling my name.

I normally buy old fashion oats instead of quick cooking because I like to chew my oats! I always get the generic brand at the store because honestly I think they taste the same as Quaker Oats.

On Thursday I realized I was out of oats!! The poor scooper down there only had a sprinkle of oats to keep him busy.


I like to have bigger breakfasts on the weekends. Pancakes, eggs and toasts, muffins and fruit.

But sense I was out of my normal breakfast, I decided to make pancakes!!

I had a box of Trader Joe  multigrain, pancake mix from my trip to New Jersey in November.


Just add milk and egg and you’ve got pancakes.


They are delicious!! Soft, puffy and a little bit of sweetness.


Yesterday I added some strawberries on top.

But today…….


I added pumpkin to the mix!!! (I had opened a can last week and was afraid if I didn’t use it up, it would get a little green).

Oh My God, they were so much better! This is now my favorite way to make pancakes.

Oh yeah….I’m running again. My foot pain is better. Not gone but better. The race?? It’s only a maybe right now…..a distant maybe 😦


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