Big Shopping Trip

I had to fuel myself before my big shopping trip. Everyone knows you can’t go to the grocery store hungry.

I had a big bowl of my homemade yogurt with strawberries, honey and Kashi Go Lean cereal on top. It was delicious!!


Notice the cat toy in the background.

I filled up and I was off to the grocery store for a TON of food. I have a pretty empty fridge right now and have a bunch of meals planned for this weekend.

I had to make a list for this trip. Two sided!!!!



I never make lists when I go to the store. I’m just not a list kind of girl. I know they are great and I would probably not forget stuff at the store if I had  a list. But it just doesn’t work for me.

This time I had so many ingredients to buy a list was a necessity. I pretty much found everything to needed at two stores. And I found some good deals too.

I had to make three trips from the house to my car to get all these bags into the house. The pic doesn’t look like many but there were 14 bags of groceries.


My bill was a little higher than I prefer but I had to buy other items like cat food, shampoo and toiletries also. They add up!!

I know that plastic bags are horrible for the environment and I hate having them pile up in my house. I forgot my reusable bags at home today. Hanging right on the hook. Happy Earth day!! Woops!


I have done that quite a few times. I think I really need to be better about this in the future.

Ton of groceries and only two impulse buys. Not too shabby!!


Cinnamon Raisin Pretzels!!! How could I not try these?

Sandwich bread in the shape of Goldfish?? Again, how could I resist?? Plus they were on sale and a coupon was attached, so paid less than $2.00.

On the menu for this weekend:

  • Beans and Greens Pasta
  • Beef and Vegetable Stew
  • Korean BBQ Short Ribs
  • Chocolate Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecake.

I will be very busy!!! Cooking and running a half marathon this weekend!!


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