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Lake George Half-Marathon

On Saturday. April 23rd, I ran the Lake George Half Marathon! 13.1 miles through the village of  Lake George, NY.



The day before we drove up to the registration site to pick up our packages. The pick-up was about 1 hour away so I was a little annoyed when we got there and they didn’t have our numbers yet. They told us that we could get our numbers the next morning before our race. So basically we didn’t have to drive an hour on a day off to pick up the numbers. Whatever, we did get our t-shirts!! I only race for the t-shirts.




Look how beautiful it was outside the day before!!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t such great weather on race day. I woke up to rain.

Lots of pouring rain….and sleet…and about 40 degrees!!!


I was very unhappy and getting little down on myself about the race.

I’m smiling in the picture but was really really grumpy.


Since it was raining, I left my camera in my car, so there are no pictures of me and my friends crossing the finish line.

Here I am back at the car. I’m soaking wet!!! So wet and cold, I couldn’t even bend my fingers. Thank goodness for dri-fit!!


I ran 2:23:53. My goal was to run under a 2:30 so I was VERY happy with my time. It was so much fun to run a race with 4 great friends. We stayed together until the last 2 miles and then we separated by a couple of minutes.

I think the half marathon bug might have bitten me. I’m already thinking about signing up for another!!


Back In The Race!!

Knock on wood but I think I’m back in the race! Running and I are back together.

I had signed up for a half-marathon for April 23rd in Lake George, NY.



However, about 4 weeks ago I injured the arch of my foot and had to stop running 😦

I was so upset and was obsessing about the injury. I was looking up every single symptom on  the internet and was self-diagnosing myself. I even cried a few times about it. Then I went to Florida and got away from everything. I put my injury into some perspective and decided that there are other half-marathons for me to run. I kept stretching, icing and running very little.


And it got better!!!

So the race is back on!!! The forecast calls for rain all day and I don’t even care.

Wish me luck!!

Out of Oats

I’ve been out of oats for a few days now. I normally eat a bowl of oats every Monday through Friday, During the week, I need a quick breakfast that doesn’t take too much time to prepare. Oats are perfect for it!

I cook it in the microwave with milk and then add whatever toppings are calling my name.

I normally buy old fashion oats instead of quick cooking because I like to chew my oats! I always get the generic brand at the store because honestly I think they taste the same as Quaker Oats.

On Thursday I realized I was out of oats!! The poor scooper down there only had a sprinkle of oats to keep him busy.


I like to have bigger breakfasts on the weekends. Pancakes, eggs and toasts, muffins and fruit.

But sense I was out of my normal breakfast, I decided to make pancakes!!

I had a box of Trader Joe  multigrain, pancake mix from my trip to New Jersey in November.


Just add milk and egg and you’ve got pancakes.


They are delicious!! Soft, puffy and a little bit of sweetness.


Yesterday I added some strawberries on top.

But today…….


I added pumpkin to the mix!!! (I had opened a can last week and was afraid if I didn’t use it up, it would get a little green).

Oh My God, they were so much better! This is now my favorite way to make pancakes.

Oh yeah….I’m running again. My foot pain is better. Not gone but better. The race?? It’s only a maybe right now…..a distant maybe 😦

The Running Breakup

So I’m sad to say that running and I have broken up. Or at least we will be taking some time apart.


We are “on a break” as Ross and Rachel would say. (Yes I made a Friends reference) I’ve shed the tears, asked “why me” and stayed in bed with a box of cereal.  I’m done and over it.

My foot is no better a week later. I definitely have a strain in my arch. I haven’t been to see a Dr. so I don’t want to say that it’s plantar fasciitis. I have been resting, icing and stretching. It’s better but not enough to run on it. I have now missed 2 long runs in my half marathon training plan. I feel like there is not enough time between now and April 23rd to rebound from this. I could be wrong, I hope I’m wrong.

On a brighter note, I did buy some inserts for my sneakers. Okay maybe I’m not over it yet. I went to Fleet Feet in Colonie and had an employee go over the inserts and tried them all out. I bought a pair that is considered “aggressive”. Whatever that means. I hope they work. I have to wear them an hour a day for a week or so and let my feet adjust.  Fleet Feet is a great resource for runners. They are incredibly informative and helpful when come to running shoes and other running products. 

On another brighter note, now that I’m not running, I’m becoming a pro at the elliptical. I have always hated the elliptical because I felt it wasn’t that good of a workout. I would watch people sweating on that thing and wonder how is that happening!! I figured it out. You have to use a good amount of resistance and keep it moving. I was actually a little sore this morning. From the elliptical? Who knew!

Here we go again

>So last night I noticed that my arch on my right foot was kind of bothering me. It just seemed a little sore and I figured it was because I’ve been wearing new sneakers and they need to be broken in more. Well by last last night my foot was more than sore. It actually felt like a burning sensation. Weird huh? I got up this morning and hobbled around a little getting ready. I googled my ailment and I think it sounds like a strained arch or plantar faciitis. Which is a very common running injury but it’s a first for me. Although I don’t have heel pain, so it may just be a strain. Either way it hurts.

Common causes are over use and the wrong footwear. I have definitely been running lately, since I’m training for the Lake George Half Marathon on April 23rd.

I did just buy new sneakers and I noticed a huge difference in my sore knees. Could the new sneakers be a wrong match for me?? I’ll have to look into this.

At the gym today, I wore my older sneakers and only used the elliptical machine. My foot was sore when I got home and I immediately iced it. It actually doesn’t feel so bad right now.

I guess my 9 mile run for tomorrow will have to be postponed. Last time I ran on an injury I was sidelined for 10 months. I can’t have that happen again.

Acorn Squash and Curry Chicken


Today was a short run along the Oswego River. It was a kind of windy today so that was slowing me down. 3 miles in about 31 minutes.

When we returned for lunch I was starving! Usually I have a hard time waiting to eat when I’m that ravishing so I ate an apple and tried to wait. I also had some raisins and chips…it was a long wait.

My boyfriend made one of his favorite recipes.

Acorn Squash and Curry Chicken

  • 1 Acorn Squash
  • 1 onion
  • 1 red bell pepper
  • 12 ounces of chicken breast
  • skim milk
  • raisins
  • curry powder
  • olive oil

First you cut the acorn squash into halves. We did thirds because it’s easier to roast.

Then we cut up the onion, red pepper and chicken and sauteed in a pan with some olive oil.

After the chicken and veggies have cooked up a bit, you add the milk, raisins and curry powder. You let it cook until the sauce thickens.

 The squash browns up beautifully in the oven. You can leave them in halves and serve the chicken curry in the “bowls” or cut it up and mix it in with the chicken.

We cuts ours up and added it all together. I added extra raisins on top of mine.

Obviously I liked it!!

Spring is Coming!!

>Today was so beautiful!!!

 It was 60 degrees out today. I couldn’t wait to get out of work to go for a run. I did 3.2 miles around the SUNY loop. Everyone was out and about. It was a great run because it was the warmest day this year by far. It was a tough one though. My legs were so heavy! I swear that I must have been dragging a bowling ball behind me. I finished though and that’s all that mattered. So excited for Spring to finally arrived.


One of my Irish Scones with a pat of butter.

I also had some shredded wheat cereal with milk.


Salad with tuna salad. It was great. Little bit of mayo, spicy mustard, celery and salt.

And an apple!


1/2 half a baked sweet potato topped with black beans and salsa. All on top of a salad.

Off to meet my friends for a beer to celebrate the holiday.