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Today’s Eats

Oh I can’t wait for this week to be over!

Work has been stressful and boyfriend has been working the night shift this whole week. The worst part if not being able to run off the stress because of my foot!! The good news is that it’s getting better everyday. The foot that is. Right now I’m rolling a frozen water bottle under my arch.  Thanks Runner’s World for the advice.


  • 1/2 c oats
  • splash of milk
  • 1 tbsp of Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter
  • coconut



Romaine lettuce topped with the stuffed buffalo chicken and an apple.

This picture was taken right before he tried to knock my apple of the window sill.






More of the same stuffed buffalo chicken but this time with a side of broccoli.


Off to meet up with friends to watch a basketball game and have a few drinks!!!


Portion Control Ideas

I have definitely struggled over my life time with portion control. I eat way too quickly and don’t pay any attention to the taste. I feel like I’m capable of eating a lot of food and sometimes I don’t realize how much I’ve eaten until ITS ALL GONE.

So over the past month since I started this blog, I’ve really tried hard to watch my portions. I was keeping a food journal, which was great. I’ve actually fallen off with that in the last week. But I’m ready to get back into it, since I do see the results.

I do follow the basic portion control ideas when I eat. I think these are much easier than actually measuring or weighing. I do that also but it’s not always convenient or realistic.

  • Meat = a deck of cards
  • cheese= 3 dice (not a lot of cheese)
  • 1 cup of cereal = baseball
  • 1/2 cup of rice or pasta = light bulb
  • 1 tbsp of peanut butter, salad dressing or butter= poker chip

I don’t pay attention to measuring fruit and veggies because I feel like you can never have too many of those!!

Another strategies that I use is making my own 100 calorie snack bags. I think that the 100 calorie snack packs are a great idea but I don’t buy them because I think they’re over priced and really not the healthiest choices of snacks. Plus they just don’t satisfy my snack craving.

So when I buy a bag of almonds, cereal, raisins or any other snack that I can grab handfuls of I separate them into servings. I buy the Ziploc snack bags and portion the entire bag out. It really helps me from eating a whole box of cereal in two days.

I do buy the 100 calorie bags of popcorn. They are the best!! A whole bag of popcorn for only 100 calories.


Monday Blah’s



Egg sandwich on the go because I had a 7:30am dentist appointment!!


Another salad, yogurt and fruit combo

Like my lunch bag!!

 So this last week or so my knees have really been sore after the long runs. At first it was just a day or so but now it’s lasting much longer 😦

I was suppose to do a long 9 miler yesterday but was glad we are waiting for tomorrow. After the Running of the Green “Island”, I’ve been feeling it. I’m justworried that I’m going to injure myself. When I trained for my marathon is 2005, I wore Asics Nimbus, which are very cushioned shoe. They are just so damned expensive!! I have been wearing a pair or Saucony’s which I like but I keep thinking I may need to switch to a more cushioned shoe. Yikes…I don’t know what to do.

So today’s workout sucked and then I went to the grocery store and bought too many snacks and then I came home and started snacking!!

Let’s tally the damage:

  • pistachio’s
  • dates
  • handfuls of cereal
  • mini rice cakes

I quickly made dinner so I would stop the insanity!


Veggie Quesadilla

Bunch or veggies and cheese

On top of a salad

Hump Day

>Ugh…this week is not going to end. My day was so busy, I’m no even sure what happened.


Pumpkin Oatmeal Bake

Not the best picture but I was in a hurry. I’ll take another tomorrow because I’ll be eating this again!!

  • 1/2 cup of oats
  • 1 egg white
  • 1/2 cup of pureed pumpkin
  • Dash of cinnamon

Mix it all up and pop in the microwave for 1 minute and 20 seconds. It kind of bakes up like a pancake. Well a pancake if you had your eyes closed.

I decorated mine with 1/2 a  banana and a drizzle of maple syrup. Fiber from the oats and pumpkin and protein from the egg. Held me over until about 10:30am.

Lunch was another cobb salad.

Snow Day!!!

>Gosh I love snow days more now then I did as a kid. I thought we were going to have a two hour delay but woke up and saw that we were closed. Sweet, back to bed!

I spent most of the morning on the Internet and drinking coffee.


1/5 oats
Tbsp – Peanut Butter
A little bit of coconut

Peanut butter in the house is a little dangerous for me. I don’t know why but I could eat a whole jar with a spoon. I’ll try not to but I can’t make any promises.


4 miles in 39 minutes. I could have gone faster but I’m sore from skiing. Plus I have to run 9 tomorrow!! I came home and had an orange. Forgot to take a pic before so here is the after.

 Leftover chicken from Saturday night’s dinner on top of a salad with 1 hard boiled egg. Great salad! 

After lunch I snacked on a 100 calorie bag of popcorn.

On Top Of The World

>Had a great weekend but boy am I exhausted!

We spent the weekend up in Lake Placid, NY, where they had the Olympics! It is a beautiful town and we are already talking about going back this summer.

On Saturday we went to Whiteface for some downhill skiing. I hadn’t been to Whiteface since I was a kid and I hardly remembered it.

I was really excited for some challenging skiing. It is a great mountain! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see all of it because the high winds caused two of the chair lifts to have to be closed down. I never got to ride in the gondola!. We made the best of it and skied the rest of the mountain. I fell a couple of times, which is good because that means I was being challenged.

The toughest run was a black diamond covered in moguls. I have a nice bruise on my knee to prove that I made it to the bottom. Skiing to the bottom, not rolling, if you were wondering. Now I know why I saw 3 people carrying their skis down that run.

I was starving for lunch after a few runs, so we headed inside. We ate in the lodge at the Whiteface Burrito Bar. I had the Taco Salad with Chicken. There is lettuce under there somewhere. I could have used more veggies and less cheese. Oh well.

After we finished skiing we went back to the Whiteface Lodge, where we stayed the night. This place was awesome! It was set up like a huge log cabin. Lots of animal heads on the walls. The room we stayed in was beautiful and I was very impressed by the amenities….granola!! Check out the pictures of the room.

The best part was the shower. I could have stayed there all night long. Didn’t get a picture though. I think someone was in there when I was taking pics and that would have been a little awkward.

For dinner went to the restaurant that was in the hotel. It was literally right down the hall from our room. It was called KANU.

I had a Baby Field Greens Salad, with chicken. It was dressed in a light vinaigrette dressing with goat cheese and butternut squash. It was good. Wish there was more butternut squash though.

There was much of this drunken again. Along with some great wine!!! Oh this is probably why I’m so exhausted….not because of the skiing!!

Overall, it was a great weekend with great friend!! Can’t wait to do it again. Weather is really bad right now and they are calling for a wintery mix tonight!! No school tomorrow?? Maybe!!

Where’s the food?

>I went skiing at Jimney Peak last night. It was the last night of ski club and we made it through the season with no injuries!! The conditions were fast and we had a great time. There was no time to post last night. Plus I didn’t bring my camera with me. Too bad those would have been great pics.

Not much food to choose from…


1/4 cup Steel cut oats
2 TB Flax
Splash of milk
Pinch of dried cherries
Dollop of Trader Joe Pumpkin Butter – jars almost gone!!

Lunch – not much better but I did get a veggie in there

Two eggs on whole wheat toast with a slice of low fat cheese. It was delicious!! I was hungry all morning so I ate it around 10:00 and it held me over for quite a while. A bunch of carrots for later in the afternoon.

I also ate 4 Girl Scout cookies. Thin Mints to be exact. And now I have 2 entire boxes of cookies in my freezer. If I don’t open them, I won’t eat them. But once they’re open, it’s game on.

Dinner – again pretty lame but I was starving and needed to eat immediately

More of the same egg sandwich. This time I added some salsa!!

But I did go to the grocery store today. I can’t believe I forgot to buy coffee!! Gotta go back tomorrow 😦

This is a before pic of my fridge

And after!!

Real meals tomorrow  for sure.