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The Running Breakup

So I’m sad to say that running and I have broken up. Or at least we will be taking some time apart.


We are “on a break” as Ross and Rachel would say. (Yes I made a Friends reference) I’ve shed the tears, asked “why me” and stayed in bed with a box of cereal.  I’m done and over it.

My foot is no better a week later. I definitely have a strain in my arch. I haven’t been to see a Dr. so I don’t want to say that it’s plantar fasciitis. I have been resting, icing and stretching. It’s better but not enough to run on it. I have now missed 2 long runs in my half marathon training plan. I feel like there is not enough time between now and April 23rd to rebound from this. I could be wrong, I hope I’m wrong.

On a brighter note, I did buy some inserts for my sneakers. Okay maybe I’m not over it yet. I went to Fleet Feet in Colonie and had an employee go over the inserts and tried them all out. I bought a pair that is considered “aggressive”. Whatever that means. I hope they work. I have to wear them an hour a day for a week or so and let my feet adjust.  Fleet Feet is a great resource for runners. They are incredibly informative and helpful when come to running shoes and other running products. 

On another brighter note, now that I’m not running, I’m becoming a pro at the elliptical. I have always hated the elliptical because I felt it wasn’t that good of a workout. I would watch people sweating on that thing and wonder how is that happening!! I figured it out. You have to use a good amount of resistance and keep it moving. I was actually a little sore this morning. From the elliptical? Who knew!